Sunday, September 16, 2012

Profit Clicking formerly known as Justbeenpaid, is an online advertising company with a unique traffic exchange system among other exciting products.  Justbeenpaid, a highly successful program, was acquired by profit clicking. The program is now under a new ownership with a new and improved website. The company is currently preparing to complete a transition to the new domain This is expected to be complete during the month of September 2012. The site is currently in beta testing mode in which members are allowed to fund their accounts and surf other websites. The program should be fully functional in a few days. To take a look at the current site of the company, click this link and sign up to learn about the program.

 Why should you join profit clicking? This is a great opportunity for anyone to make a lot of money. The system is designed in a way that pays you for purchasing advertising credits and advertising panels from them. You get paid for viewing 3 ads everyday. Even a baby can make money with this system. All you have to do is buy purchase as many ad credits as you can afford for $10 each... you will earn $15 for every $10 you spend as long as you view 3 ads everyday on the profit clicking traffic exchange system. The earnings are paid at a rate of 2% or 20 cents per weekday for each ad pack purchased and 1% or 10 cents during weekdays. Adjustments to daily rate of payouts may be made depending on the cash flow of the company. There is even some additional money to be earned from the profit clicking panels portion of the program which is a lot more difficult to understand. The system is able to pay out indefinitely due to a unique profit shift feature.

  Sound too good to be true? Profit clicking sure sounds too good to be true, but the reality is that thousands of people are getting paid from this system. The program is very well thought out and designed to last indefinitely. This is not a fly by night opportunity... an impressive aspect of the program is the openness with which it is conducted. The owner is accessible over the phone on Thursday nights so can speak directly to him if you wish. They hold a conference room which is open every minute everyday to provide new members with support. From my experience so far, profit clicking is one of the top ways to earn a living from the internet. If you are thinking about taking a much deeper look into the program called profit clicking or if you have any questions, just leave a comment below.